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Tree Talk: HR Corner: Absenteeism vs. Presenteeism: Managing Employees’ Sick Time

What do December, January, February and July have in common? Aside from hosting major American holidays – Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day and Independence Day respectively – according to Careerbuilder.com these popular winter and summer months are also when employees … Continue reading

Featured Article: The Hidden Side of Secret Menus

Can you keep a secret? You can try but let’s face it, sooner or later most secrets get leaked. This is precisely the point of the latest craze that has swept over the food industry – hidden offerings. This trend … Continue reading

Customer Q&A: Boardwalk Empire

It’s officially summertime – the warmest of the four seasons and synonymous with celebrations, vacations, frozen desserts and trips to the beach. With a location directly on the Indian River only one mile away from the Atlantic Ocean, Uncle Carlo’s … Continue reading

Tree Talk: HR Corner: The Benefits of Offering Part-time Employment

Summer is here, bringing with it the busy season for frozen dessert professionals. Now may be the time to consider expanding your workforce to cover the pending demands summertime temperatures bring. Sure, it may sound cliché, but the saying is … Continue reading

Top Ten: Mistakes Dessert Businesses are Making

10. Don’t let the dessert be the low point of a dining experience. So many restaurants fail to recognize that a bad dessert can kill the experience, that’s why having a pastry chef or securing top-notch desserts to serve is … Continue reading

Turn the Off Season ON

The first step to understanding how to deal with your own off-season is trying to determine what people want when they don’t want what you are selling. I bet you veteran business owners can recognize the last day of your … Continue reading

Effective Websites for Business Owners

A Guide to Getting Started In the ever-changing digital age, Internet presence has become a major MUST in business visibility. But, let’s face it, we don’t always know where to begin with the complicated ins-and-outs of building a company website, … Continue reading

Reevaluate Your Business: PART 4: Building Local Press Relationships & Media Buys

The previous three articles in this series explored trouble areas in every business including location problems, involving customers to give them a sense of value, and utilizing social media to promote your business in the digital world. Last, but not … Continue reading

HR Corner: The Start of a New Year = Employee Evaluation Time

The New Year brings the anticipation of change, growth and maybe even a little more wisdom. What better time than the new year to evaluate your current employees’ performances? It’s customary for businesses to conduct performance evaluations in January, as … Continue reading

Reevaluate Your Business: Part 3: Involving Your Customers

A FOUR-PART SERIES Last time, we looked at how integrating your business within the community better facilitated bonds between your business and your customers by allowing your business to become a source of local support. The next step in the … Continue reading

A Quick Guide to Inventory Management

Standard Inventory Management Terms First, it is important to understand frequently used inventory terminology and definitions: Cycle Count: A periodic count of all supplies and inventories. Reorder Point (ROP): The inventory level at which a new order should be placed. … Continue reading

Reevaluate Your Business: Part 2: Commiting to Your Community

A FOUR-PART SERIES Part 2: Commiting to Your Community After taking an assessment of your business, its physical location and gaining an understanding of what steps can be taken to improve your business, let’s look at how community involvement can … Continue reading

Reevaluate Your Business: Part 1: Problems with Location

A Four-Part Series Part 1: Problems with Location The New Year is a time for reflection, and while we think of it only on a personal level, it is the perfect time to evaluate and improve your business too. As … Continue reading

Customer Q&A: Four Businesses. One Common Goal.

America has proven to be a melting pot of different nationalities, cultures and backgrounds, resulting in an assortment of diverse flavors, spices and exotic taste experiences across the nation. Some of the most delightful and pleasing food experiences herald from … Continue reading

HR Corner – Easy Steps to Interviewing Potential Hires

The job interview is a large factor and powerful force in the employee selection and hiring process. A job interview is the only tool employers can use to get to know candidates and is a necessary step in finding the … Continue reading

CARPE DIEM: How to Seize Business All Hours of the Day and Increase Sales

Americans are hungry all day. It’s hard not to notice the abundance of dining options available for every meal; one could easily find a place to eat at any hour, day or night. And it’s not just meals – we … Continue reading

What Keeps the Business Wheels Turning at Successful Gelaterias?

We all have a favorite “hang out spot” or eatery that successfully draws us back again and again. It could be for the superior service, the excellent fare, the welcoming atmosphere or all of the above. In the case of … Continue reading

Turning Your Passion into a Reality

Part 6 – Prepare to Open Your Business Time to reap the benefits of this long-awaited journey As our series comes to an end, it can only mean one thing for your business – it’s time to open your doors! … Continue reading

Growing Your Business – A Look at Expansion Options

You have a unique product, offer a great service and consider yourself successful – but you want to grow. You want to increase profits. Perhaps adding new products to your line or services to your repertoire are things you’ve considered. … Continue reading

Turning Your Passion into a Reality

PART 3 – Product Line Development. A six-part series on the necessities of starting a business. As we continue with our six-part series on building your business, we know at this point from Part 1’s business plan development that you … Continue reading