Issue 4 : Summer/Fall 2009

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  • Growing Your Business
  • Understanding the World of Social Media
  • 5-Star Chef Series Launches

Top Ten: Web Sites for the Dessert Industry

1.A Nice Cuppa Get your buzz on here – all things coffee and tea 2.Baking Bites A site for those who love cooking and baking – named one of the best 50 food blogs by the London Times … Continue reading

What’s Blooming: Because Small Is Huge

The Current Trends in the Pastry World Less is more. A little bit goes a long way. Big things come in small packages. These phrases are a bit cliché, when it comes to mono-portion desserts, they are nothing but the … Continue reading

What’s Blooming: Blood Oranges: Not Your Typical Citrus Fruit

The word mutation could possibly beget thoughts of deformity or bizarre appearances, but in the case of the blood orange, mutation resulted in a new, flavorful member of the citrus family. The blood orange is a unique citrus fruit that … Continue reading

Branching Out: Savory Appetizers: PreGel Products Go Beyond Desserts

Directions: Mix all ingredients together. Add PreGel Peanut Traditional Paste, combine thoroughly. Taste and adjust flavorings to achieve a sweet/hot peanut flavor. Directions: Preheat oven to 175°C/350°F. Prepare a lightly greased baking sheet. Use a fork to mix the egg … Continue reading

Understanding the World of Social Media

Social media – it’s hot right now, but how much do we really know about it? Some soar into social media in traditional cannonball style, while others are hesitant to get in the water. Since it is summer, let’s take … Continue reading

Berry Healthy: The Sweeter Side of Summer

Swimming pools and sunshine are just two of the things that summer brings, as fresh fruit starts to appear at farmer’s markets and on seasonal menus across the country.  As you enjoy some cool strawberry gelato, relax with warm cherry … Continue reading

Basics 101: Emulsifiers and Stabilizers

Many of the foods we know and love today are combinations of natural components that may otherwise not naturally get along with one another. For example, oil and vinegar make our favorite salad dressings; however, these two liquids want nothing … Continue reading

Back to Our Roots: The Genius Behind the Legacy of PreGel

A Q&A with Dr. Luciano Rabboni, president and founder of PreGel Q. What’s the background behind the beginning of PreGel? A. After completing my college studies at the University of Parma and having the experience of assisting a food science … Continue reading

Growing Your Business – A Look at Expansion Options

You have a unique product, offer a great service and consider yourself successful – but you want to grow. You want to increase profits. Perhaps adding new products to your line or services to your repertoire are things you’ve considered. … Continue reading

Turning Your Passion into a Reality

Part 4 – Setting Up Shop A six-part series on the necessities of starting a business. You’ve checked the first three components of starting a business off your list – a business plan, a location and product line development. Next … Continue reading

Tree Talk: Happy Gelato® Party Craze Comes to America

Happy Gelato® parties are the latest craze sweeping gelaterias around the world – straight from Italy where they began, America is now joining in on the fun. Presented in the U.S. by PreGel AMERICA, the parties feature a trained performance … Continue reading

Tree Talk: Pink Grapefruit Super Sprint

Named Outstanding Dessert or Dessert Topping of 2009 sofi™ Gold Winners announced by the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade Winners were announced June 29, 2009, for the 37th sofi™ Awards for the outstanding foods and beverages of the … Continue reading

HR Corner: Safety in the Kitchen and on the Job

Safety in the Kitchen and on the Job When accidents happen in the kitchen, a first-aid kit can really save the day. As a business owner, operator or manager, it is important to know the contents of a first-aid kit … Continue reading

Tree Talk: PreGel America Launches Marketing-In-A-Box Promotion

PreGel AMERICA is proud to announce, after much anticipation, its Marketing-in-a-Box (MIB) promotion. PreGel AMERICA’s MIB promotion is a part of the ongoing initiative to provide customers with one-of-a-kind service. PreGel AMERICA is a company that believes in helping its … Continue reading

Tree Talk: PreGel America Introduces Its Class of 2009 Novelties

PreGel AMERICA is ready to roll out its new 2009 novelties. This year’s novelty class offers new Italian-inspired gelato Super Sprints, one outstanding Traditional Paste and innovative, exceptional pastry products. Boosting the Super Sprint Line are three new authentic Italian … Continue reading

From the Top of the Tree

It is my (and I’m sure your) dream that one day novelties such as gelato and sorbetto become a standard in Americans’ diet just as coffee, pizza and sushi have. We have come a long way over the last few … Continue reading

Tree Talk: World-Class Pastry Chefs Team With PreGel America For 5-Star Chef Series

Champion Instructors Share Insights into Evolving Industry and Cutting-Edge Techniques PreGel AMERICA, announced the launch of its 5-Star Chef Series, a series of exclusive three-day educational seminars The program, which begins in September, will feature internationally acclaimed, champion pastry chefs … Continue reading

Recipes: Peach Bellini Sorbetto

  Directions: Mix the sugar and PreGel Fruttosa® (Water & Milk Base) together. Add water, peaches (puree) and champagne. Add PreGel Peach Fortefrutto®, PreGel Fibraplus (Fiber Base Texturizer) and PreGel Vellutina® (Sorbitol Paste). Mix with an immersion blender. Put into the … Continue reading

Recipes: Rocky Road Gelato

Directions: Mix the sugar and PreGel Diamant 50 (Milk Base) together. Add whole milk. Add PreGel Cacaopat Traditional Paste (Chocolate – Unsweet). Mix with an immersion blender. Put into the pasteurizer. Pasteurize at 85°C/185°F. Pour mix into the batch freezer. … Continue reading