Issue 2 : Winter 2009

  • In This Issue...
  • For the Food Industry, Going Green Has Never Been This Easy
  • Frozen Yogurt – A Closer Look at the Hot New Trend
  • Slow Season? 10 Ideas to Increase Revenues

What’s Blooming: A Look at the Frozen Yogurt Trend, Probiotics and Legislation

Many followers of the frozen yogurt movement believe the tangy dessert is a new product; however, few realize or recall that it has been around for quite some time. According to Valerie Killifer, editor for Fast Casual magazine, this healthy … Continue reading

What’s Blooming: The Hazelnut: A Healthy Indulgence

American’s interest in overall wellness, specifically through exercise and diet, has allowed for a renewed focus on superfoods, and more specifically, items like the hazelnut. The oval-like hazelnut grows in clusters of up to five and is considered the edible … Continue reading

A Glimpse into the State of the Frozen Dessert Industry for 2009

Frozen yogurt, gelato and other specialty desserts found themselves on quite a few trend lists in 2008, and 2009 should be no different despite the economy’s alarming state. Ice cream is a billion-dollar industry in the United States, and the … Continue reading

For the Food Industry Going Green Has Never Been This Easy

Kermit the Frog knew it wasn’t easy being green, but establishment owners all over the United States know it is now possible and easier than ever. Whether you represent a restaurant of 150 or a gelato shop of five, there … Continue reading

Berry Healthy: Wellness Practices in the Workplace

Working in a gelateria, coffee shop or other foodservice establishment can be a lot of fun, especially when your staff is enjoyable, your customers are pleasant and you can resist the temptation of the sweet products you sell. However, for … Continue reading

Berry Healthy: A Quick Lesson on Gelato’s Main Ingredient: Milk

Before you immerse yourself in this article, please get yourself a glass of milk and some good cookies, or perhaps a dish of your favorite gelato, as this is a quick lesson on all things milk. FDA Milk Standards The … Continue reading

Turning Your Passion into a Reality

PART 2 – Location. Location. Location. A six-part series on the necessities of starting a business. Ever notice where there’s a McDonald’s, there’s at least one of its competitors – Burger King, Wendy’s, Chick-fil-A or Sonic? That’s not a coincidence, … Continue reading

Tree Talk: The Value of the Trade Show Circuit

The New Year brings expectations for new ideas; bigger, better and bolder concepts; and fresh insight on how to bring your products to the forefront. One simple solution to obtain as much information as possible, and therefore gain the leading … Continue reading

HR Corner: Files, a Tedious but Needed Task

Files, a Tedious but Needed Task Tom Cruise (think A Few Good Men) would never have shown up to the courtroom unprepared. Neither should you. Records may be a pain to maintain and worse to file, but they are so … Continue reading

Tree Talk: PreGel’s Pastry Exploration

As a leader in specialty dessert ingredients, PreGel AMERICA continues to expand and adapt to the demands and trends within the industry. Beginning in 2009, PreGel AMERICA will focus on launching its new Pastry Line. Expanding its product lines to … Continue reading

From the Top of the Tree

As we enter into 2009, I know many of you are hearing the word “economy” and fearing the worst. We see the news reports, rising unemployment rates and the decrease in consumer spending on goods, and then begin to think … Continue reading

Recipes: Coffee Biscotto Gelato

Directions: Mix the sugar and PreGel Diamant 50 (Milk Base) together. Add whole milk and cream. Add PreGel Coffee Costa d’Oro Traditional Paste (Espresso) and PreGel Biscotto Traditional Paste (Cookie). Mix with an immersion blender. Put into the pasteurizer. Pasteurize … Continue reading

Recipes: Mint Chocolate Crisp Gelato

Directions: Mix the sugarand PreGel Diamant 50 (Milk Base) together. Add whole milk. Add PreGel Mint- White Traditional Paste. Mix with an immersion blender. Put into the pasteurizer. Pasteurize at 85°C/185°F. Pour mix into the batch freezer. Fold in PreGel … Continue reading

Top Ten: Don’t Let the Slow Season Get You Down – 10 Ideas to Keep Profits & Customers Coming

1. Create a Desirable Atmosphere Seasons, holidays and even the time of day can evoke a different emotion and feeling for consumers, which can affect their buying habits. Decorate your store to match a season or holiday, and add elements … Continue reading