Issue 10 : Spring/Summer 2011

  • In This Issue...
  • The World of Social Couponing
  • The Golden Rule – Simply Keep it Fresh
  • A Quick Guide to Inventory Management
  • America Falls in Love with Pies All Over Again

Top Ten: Hot Trends in the Industry

Here are the top ten trends that are transforming the dessert industry right now. We reviewed all the major sources out there including, hospitality and restaurant consultants Andrew Freeman & Co. The National Restaurant Association, Technomic Inc. and the … Continue reading

What’s Blooming: Passion Fruit: Deceptive but Delicious

This subtropical treat is a hot fruit these days, inspiring all walks of the culinary world including everything from tropical cake fillings to sorbets and even savory dishes. Vibrant colors and assorted textures from all kinds of domestic and exotic … Continue reading

The Upper Crust: America Falls in Love with Pies All Over Again

The perfect food of your dreams is back and better than ever. With nostalgia reigning supreme among culinary trends since the late 2000s, it was only a matter of time before pies came back into vogue. For one, they are … Continue reading

Branching Out: Rice Pudding

Directions: Combine the milk, rice, and 5-Star Chef Pastry Select Vanilla Compound in a pot; bring to a boil. Reduce heat to medium and simmer until rice is tender, stirring frequently, about 25 minutes. Mix in the sugar, 5-Star Chef … Continue reading

A Quick Guide to Inventory Management

Standard Inventory Management Terms First, it is important to understand frequently used inventory terminology and definitions: Cycle Count: A periodic count of all supplies and inventories. Reorder Point (ROP): The inventory level at which a new order should be placed. … Continue reading

Berry Healthy: Tools of the Trade: The Basics Needed for Gelato, Soft Serve and Pastry

Tools of the Trade – Gelato & Soft Serve 1. Plastic Buckets/Cambro® Look for buckets or containers that are a durable plastic that will not crack or break. Be sure the size is appropriate for your recipes—usually about 5 quarts … Continue reading

Berry Healthy: Basics 101: As the Slogan Goes, “The Incredible, Edible Egg™”

While most often found scrambled, poached, boiled, deviled, coddled or fried, the egg is a staple part of our diets and is also a key component in pastries and frozen desserts. How humans identified eggs for their nutritious benefits and … Continue reading

Feature Customer Q&A: Keeping it Fresh

The guiding principle for consistently dishing out addictively delicious gelato not only depends on the quality of ingredients used, but also how and when the gelato is made. Producing fresh gelato, batch by batch, on a daily basis is what … Continue reading

The World of SOCIAL COUPONING – A Trip to the Bank or Bankruptcy?

There’s a good, a bad and an ugly to the world of social couponing. The best way to avoid seeing your marketing investment flounder is to understand the intricacies of the strategy and investment before handing over your business’s marketing … Continue reading

Back to Our Roots: Key Accounts – Steering PreGel AMERICA Toward New Waters

Seeking new markets and ventures, PreGel AMERICA’s Key Accounts division launched in 2008. The division was created based on the emerging and specific needs of the company’s high-level clients in key areas such as quick-service restaurants, cruise lines, high-yield bakeries, … Continue reading

Reevaluate Your Business: Part 2: Commiting to Your Community

A FOUR-PART SERIES Part 2: Commiting to Your Community After taking an assessment of your business, its physical location and gaining an understanding of what steps can be taken to improve your business, let’s look at how community involvement can … Continue reading

Tree Talk: PreGel AMERICA’s Dynamic 5-Star Chef Pastry Select Line Expands

New Fillings And Stabilizer Added To High-End Pastry Line PreGel AMERICA, announced new category additions to its pastry focused product line 5-Star Chef Pastry Select line. The line now features stabilizers and fillings. The new products introduced include: Neutro (Ice … Continue reading

HR Corner: Is Bad Press Good? The Importance of Damage Control

If you get noticed for something that isn’t necessarily a positive thing … is that a good thing? The old saying “any press is good press” would argue yes, but with the revolution of social media, it can be hard … Continue reading

Tree Talk: PreGel Video Channel Launches with 18 New Instructional Videos for Dessert-Making

How-to videos for gelato, pastry and soft serve are now accessible online from PreGel’s Professional Training Center PreGel AMERICA and the PreGel Professional Training Center are excited to unveil a new online video channel with 18 never before seen instructional … Continue reading

Tree Talk: PreGel AMERICA’s 2011–2012 Novelties Campaign “American-Inspired, Italian Made” Revealed

Seven new novelty products from PreGel AMERICA were front and center at this year’s National Restaurant Association (NRA) show after debuting a sneak preview via online video earlier this month. Revealing that the focus of the 2011–2012 Novelties as “American-Inspired, … Continue reading

From the Top of the Tree

Spring and summer always bring a sense of renewal and starting over as blossoms bloom, new life emerges, and animals and humans alike come out of hibernation from winter’s harsh realities. I tend to look at business this way too … Continue reading

Recipes: Raspberry Lemonade Tenero

Directions: Combine all ingredients and mix well with an immersion blender. Use as needed in soft serve machine

Recipes: Avocado Gelato

Directions: Combine all ingredients, except avocado. Blend with immersion blender. Pasteurize mixture at 85°C/185°F. Cool to 4°C/40°F. Add avocado and blend well. Pour in batch freezer and freeze.