Issue 1 : Fall 2008

  • In This Issue...
  • Turning Your Passion into a Reality
  • PreGel's Greatest Successes
  • PreGel America Builds New Headquarters
  • Winning the War Between Healthy and Tasty

Behind Every Spoonful Is A Story

A glimpse into the origins of some of PreGel’s greatest successes. Potato chips were invented out of an “act of spite.” In 1853, Chef George Crum responded to a customer’s complaints about his potatoes by frying them to a crisp … Continue reading

Turning Your Passion into a Reality

PART 1 – It all starts with a plan on paper. A six-part series on the necessities of starting a business. Contrary to belief, the key to a successful business is not a “good idea,” but rather a “good idea” … Continue reading

Tree Talk: Top Gelato Flavors

Palate satisfaction is the targeted goal of any consumer on the hunt for the cure of the sweet tooth. Recently, veteran and amateur gelato and sorbetto connoisseurs have made it ravenously clear that five of PreGel’s satisfying array of flavors … Continue reading

HR Corner: Helping Employees Fight Increased Gas and Food Costs

Helping Employees Fight Increased Gas and Food Costs Fall is synonymous with fun outings and back to school, but more recently, it has also become a season known for high gas prices and an increase in food costs – two … Continue reading

Winning the War Between Healthy and Tasty

With a renewed focus on unique flavors that offer vitamins, minerals, fiber and other important nutrients, the trend of providing health and wellness options in the frozen dessert industry shows no signs of slowing in 2008. This new industry focus … Continue reading

Top 10: Mistakes in Gelato Businesses

10. Failure to Create a Pleasant or Memorable Experience The atmosphere and mood of your establishment serves as a reflection of the goods you provide. Consumers seek environments that are clean, inviting and comfortable. Consider all aspects of the experience, … Continue reading

Tree Talk: PreGel Launches New ServIce® Line

PreGel AMERICA recently launched ServIce®, a line of custom-designed paper and plastic products to meet all types of supply needs. Each product is made with the highest standards of quality. All of the products are FDA-approved and created using environment-friendly … Continue reading

What’s Blooming: A Pomegranate a Day

What is so super about the pomegranate – a superfruit that is turning up everywhere? A lot, but let’s start with the basics. The name “pomegranate” derives from Latin origins, as a combination of pomum (apple) and granatus (seeded). Native … Continue reading

Branching Out: Here Comes the Semifreddo

With the 2008 wedding season coming to an end, 2009 brides are beginning to brainstorm ideas to make their wedding day unique and special. Though much consideration is normally given to which specialty entrée of steak, chicken or fish will … Continue reading

From the Top of the Tree

Launching Views from the Tree is a goal I have had from the day Dr. Luciano Rabboni, founder of PreGel S.p.A., asked me to head and open our North American office. Reaching this goal is truly a culmination of where … Continue reading

Branching Out: Thinking Outside the Dish Decadent 3-Layer Chocolate Cake

Thinking outside of the box is a defining characteristic of PreGel. We are constantly seeking and developing new niches for our products, acknowledging that the ingredients are common to many diverse culinary applications. With this in mind, we invite you … Continue reading

PreGel AMERICA Secures Its Place in the U.S. Market

New facility centralizes the company’s departments for more efficient business model. PreGel has always been a hub of innovation and research. So when the opportunity rose for the company’s U.S. division, PreGel AMERICA, to build a new state-of-the-art facility that … Continue reading

Berry Healthy: What is BENEO™?

Products enriched with BENEO™ are popping up everywhere, but what is BENEO™? In the most specific terms, BENEO™ is a prebiotic, scientifically known as insulin and oligofructose (which are both sugars), that is found in various vegetables. The simplest consumer … Continue reading

Berry Healthy: Basics 101: Water, a Critical Component in Sorbetto

Sorbetto, commonly referred to as “sorbet” in America, is gelato that is made without dairy ingredients. Water, the only component which freezes, is the principle ingredient in sorbetto – composing some 70 percent of the overall mixture. As the principle … Continue reading

Recipes: Spicy Caramel Apple Gelato

Mix with PreGel Caramellatte Arabeschi®
and sprinkle cinnamon powder over the top. Continue reading