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What is HR?

As more businesses open and continue to grow, it is imperative to understand the function of Human Resources, as this department is much more than employment recruiting and management. Originally, many companies began with Personnel Departments that later evolved into … Continue reading

Getting Creative with Cuts

At a time when the nation’s economy is unpredictable, many companies and organizations are trying to find immediate cost-saving strategies. With widespread strikes for higher minimum wage, companies are spurring towards innovation to reduce rising costs. Unfortunately, layoffs in the … Continue reading

Emaciated Paychecks: The Minimum Wage War

Thank you for working at your fast food service establishment. Would you like a raise with that? If only it were that simple to increase the wages of fast food employees. Unfortunately, reward doesn’t come that easily, as the current … Continue reading

HR Corner: The Business Advantages of Philanthropy

The last two months of every year fill people with goodwill as they get into the holiday spirit. The admirable energy also often attracts businesses. Philanthropic contributions and working within communities to improve them play a big part in many … Continue reading

HR Corner: A New Hire Is a Relationship Built on Trust

Many of America’s gainfully employed are familiar with the saying that we spend more time at work than at home. For the majority of the working population, spending time at their place of employment instead of home is more of … Continue reading

Tree Talk: HR Corner: Absenteeism vs. Presenteeism: Managing Employees’ Sick Time

What do December, January, February and July have in common? Aside from hosting major American holidays – Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day and Independence Day respectively – according to these popular winter and summer months are also when employees … Continue reading

Tree Talk: HR Corner: Beat the Winter Blues with Employee Motivation

It’s cold, the skies are gray and spirits are as blue as the invigorating summer skies of months passed. The chipper energy, wide smiles and productive focus of your team appear to have faded with the vibrant green hue of … Continue reading

Tree Talk: HR Corner: Customer Service 101: Keeping your Cool with Not So Cool Customers

Social media continues to play an ever-expanding role in the foodservice industry, and although you may think about all the great opportunities, you must also be aware of the dangers. Lately, companies’ poor customer service has been exposed through online … Continue reading

HR Corner: Establishing First-Rate Personal Appearance & Hygiene Procedures Among Employees

The appearance of your employees reflects directly on your restaurant’s standards. Having your staff looking professional and sanitary is essential in any business, but especially one where you are serving food. You don’t want to turn off customers because your … Continue reading

Tree Talk: HR Corner: Managing Appropriate Work Conversations

We have all experienced one time or another walking into a place of business and having to interrupt what seems like a personal conversation to ask for assistance or to simply check out. When this happens we walk away feeling … Continue reading

HR Corner: The Start of a New Year = Employee Evaluation Time

The New Year brings the anticipation of change, growth and maybe even a little more wisdom. What better time than the new year to evaluate your current employees’ performances? It’s customary for businesses to conduct performance evaluations in January, as … Continue reading

Tree Talk: HR Corner: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual harassment – it’s a subject that is sensitive and uncomfortable. Most companies would like to avoid it all together, but there is no way to get around it. To act wisely, companies need to understand the issues of sexual … Continue reading

HR Corner: Is Bad Press Good? The Importance of Damage Control

If you get noticed for something that isn’t necessarily a positive thing … is that a good thing? The old saying “any press is good press” would argue yes, but with the revolution of social media, it can be hard … Continue reading

HR Corner: Family Businesses – Working with Family Members

Working with members of your family can be a very trying and challenging situation or a very satisfying one. It can bring out the best or worst in you and your relatives. If you take the right steps to prevent … Continue reading

HR Corner: The Dreaded Termination Conversation

HR Corner: The Dreaded Termination Conversation Laid-off, fired, terminated … just these words alone can invoke a panic attack in even the most laid-back person. But unfortunately termination is a fact of life, and sooner or later, every owner, manager … Continue reading

HR Corner: Interpersonal Communication–A Must in Business

Face-to-face interpersonal communication is becoming less and less frequent in the workplace. Communication these days is quickly evolving into less conversation and more electronic sharing of information. With such mainstream communication technologies such as e-mailing, texting and instant messaging, employers … Continue reading

HR Corner – Easy Steps to Interviewing Potential Hires

The job interview is a large factor and powerful force in the employee selection and hiring process. A job interview is the only tool employers can use to get to know candidates and is a necessary step in finding the … Continue reading

HR Corner: Staff’s Pride Promotes Better Service and Business Success

As a business owner, you are motivated by pride, a strong work ethic and making your bottom line. When you are at your shop, you know that your customers are having the best experience possible. What about when you can’t … Continue reading

HR Corner: Safety in the Kitchen and on the Job

Safety in the Kitchen and on the Job When accidents happen in the kitchen, a first-aid kit can really save the day. As a business owner, operator or manager, it is important to know the contents of a first-aid kit … Continue reading

HR Corner: Employee-Generated Revenue and Scheduling

Employee-Generated Revenue and Scheduling Many factors contribute to finding the perfect balance between employee productivity and labor costs, while meeting business-level demands. Add the additional factor of seasonal patterns, and the formula becomes even more complex. However, don’t be discouraged … Continue reading

HR Corner: Files, a Tedious but Needed Task

Files, a Tedious but Needed Task Tom Cruise (think A Few Good Men) would never have shown up to the courtroom unprepared. Neither should you. Records may be a pain to maintain and worse to file, but they are so … Continue reading

HR Corner: Helping Employees Fight Increased Gas and Food Costs

Helping Employees Fight Increased Gas and Food Costs Fall is synonymous with fun outings and back to school, but more recently, it has also become a season known for high gas prices and an increase in food costs – two … Continue reading