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The Long-Lasting Craze of Salted Caramel

A Flavorful Marriage We All Love “Pumpkin Spice Is Dead, Long Live Salted Caramel.” You might have stumbled upon this article from the Washington Post while researching flavor trends for the fall season. While it is arguable that pumpkin spice … Continue reading

Product Brands Take the Leap

IN-STORE GROCERY BRANDS DEVELOP THEIR OWN CAFÉS AND RESTAURANTS You have probably noticed P.F. Changs’ frozen egg rolls or beef with broccoli in the frozen food aisles of your grocery stores. However, the Asian chain isn’t the only restaurant that … Continue reading

Liquid Nitrogen

The Vapor of Frozen Dessert Innovation When most people think of liquid nitrogen, they probably imagine a chemistry lab or a high school science classroom. However, these days, chefs and entrepreneurs around the world are imagining a new setting for … Continue reading

The Explosion of Food Delivery

Food delivery is the new trend in the American foodservice industry. You might be wondering how food delivery could be a new trend with so many of this kind of service, including pizza delivery, having been around for decades. Actually, … Continue reading

Forget the Movies – Let’s Go to the Supermarket!

How In-Store Cooking Classes Are Both Profitable and Fun Nowadays, going to the grocery store can mean many things. You may go there to have lunch, pick up a party dish or even take a cooking class. This is because … Continue reading

Specialty Bakeries: The Rise of Sweet and Successful Niche Concepts

Niche markets are thriving in the world of sweets. Specialty bakeries are popping up and prospering thanks to their unique and creative concepts, and the evolving demand of the industry. Modern customers and dessert lovers are seeking interesting treats with … Continue reading

What’s Trending in Restaurants Around the World

It’s common to see articles about what’s new in America and what the industry needs to do to innovate and stay ahead. Looking outside of the market is important too, as international trends are a crucial reality in every industry. … Continue reading

Meet PreGel’s Creative Design Team: Masters of Visual Communication

“Art is pattern informed by sensibility.” – Herbert Read, poet, and art critic This quote couldn’t better describe the work produced by PreGel’s Creative Design Team – a super talented group of visual artists whose unique conceptions spawn from sensibility. … Continue reading

The State of the Frozen Yogurt Industry

Is It In or Out, the Skinny on Frozen Yogurt Today Frozen yogurt is Dead! Froyo Is the Next Cupcake! Frozen Yogurt’s Future is Bleak! Endless Closings of Frozen Yogurt Shops, Who’s Next? Frozen Yogurt Is So Yesterday! Can FroYo … Continue reading

Marketing to Children

The Makings of Brand Loyalty The experience of shopping with a child, who let’s face it, has all the power of purchase at their fingertips, is interesting at best. The scenario goes as follows: wondrous eyes navigate the bounty of … Continue reading

The Art of Playing With Food

From the walls to the plates, restaurant owners have always recognized the relationship between art and food. Restaurants often utilize art to create unique atmospheres that complement the artistic dishes prepared by their chefs. However, each year chefs with a … Continue reading

Ever Thought About Going Wholesale? The Reasons Why It’s Worth It.

All gelato businesses have a common dream: to be successful and make the world’s best gelato. Most independent businesses start with a small gelato shop pouring their passion and knowledge into it. Once they accomplish opening a brick and mortar … Continue reading

2015 Trends Checklist

2015 is here, are you ready to serve up the New Year’s most top anticipated trends? For most of you, I am betting you are just trying to survive wrapping up the holiday season before you can even digest and … Continue reading

From Shameful to Shameless … The New Face of Dining Alone

I walk through the restaurant doors and before I even have a chance to say “party of one,” I already feel self-conscious. I try not to make eye contact with patrons as the hostess leads me to my table, and … Continue reading

Food Trucks: Branding Above the Noise

Let’s admit it, having a food truck has never been cooler. Musician Kelis recently released a new album in which her very own food truck was an integral part of the marketing effort. Yes, you read it right, Kelis, whom … Continue reading

The Power of Snacking: The Story of Sweet & Savory Snack Attacks

A morning break, an after-lunch sweet, a midafternoon or late night occasion, the opportunities for snacking are as numerous as the treats available to satisfy any craving. While snacking used to be viewed as a weakness, it is now part … Continue reading

Coupon Revolution: More than just the Sunday Paper

“Coupons” are often a business owner’s nightmare. Every business’s main goal is to make a profit, and thinking about lessening the margin of profit over costs is enough to make anyone wince. But discounts and coupons can help profits soar … Continue reading

QSRs Entering The Retail Market

Have you noticed that products from your favorite restaurants, coffee shops and donut shops are invading supermarket shelves? More and more restaurants are realizing the profit potential of selling their products in retail stores and extending their brands further into … Continue reading

Customer Q&A: International Delight Café – A Jewel of the Isle

Long Island, NY, is home to numerous major tourist attractions including the Montauk Point Lighthouse, Long Island Sound, the chic Hamptons, Nassau Coliseum, Jones Beach and some of the finest vineyards in the northeast. But located in the quaint Nassau … Continue reading

Computers vs. People: Touch Screen Ordering

In a recent long layover at the Minnesota airport I ventured with a friend to a restaurant where as soon as we sat, an iPad awaited our order. It first asked us to swipe our card, and then we together … Continue reading

The Hybrid Hype: What Is It All About?

Every morning in New York City around 6:00a.m., a two-hour line forms outside Dominique Ansel’s Bakery with eager tourists and residents waiting to get their hands on the croissant-doughnut mashup that has exploded in popularity since May. The Cronut™ has … Continue reading

Featured Article: Taste of Inspiration from the Kitchen: Turning Ideas into Novelties

From seasons to trends and latest innovations, dining options are being revamped as fast as consumer tastes and demands are changing. Finding inspiration to launch successful flavors, products or recipes can be a real challenge for chefs and companies that … Continue reading

Featured Articled: Is Indulgent Still “In”?

Imagine a time when a decadent slice of chocolate cake was placed in front of you. Did you indulge? Or did you pass because that piece of cake was not organic, low-calorie or in plain terms, healthy? Most likely, you … Continue reading

Featured Article: Florals: Edible Flowers, Edible Tradition

Flowers captivate with their vibrant colors and beautiful shapes. It is usually forgotten that besides appealing to the senses of smell and vision, they also have the potential to delight the palate. Flowers as a garnish or decorative element for … Continue reading

Featured Article: The Hidden Side of Secret Menus

Can you keep a secret? You can try but let’s face it, sooner or later most secrets get leaked. This is precisely the point of the latest craze that has swept over the food industry – hidden offerings. This trend … Continue reading

Feature Article: Eating Habits and Traditions around the World

“Chi le, mei you?” is the universal question the Chinese ask when checking in with each other. It literally means “Have you eaten?” Food is of paramount importance around the world – not just because of our fundamental need to … Continue reading

Feature Article: Playing Dress Up With your Desserts: It Really Is All In The Accessories A Global View of Garnishes

Newsflash! Accessorizing is not only for fashionistas. Everything needs a little glitz and glamour, even in the form of dessert. After all, we do eat with our eyes. A wise person once said every dessert deserves a garnish. A garnish … Continue reading

Feature Article: Gourmet Dining: Pairing World Cuisine with Desserts

The entire world has gone gourmet. The “foodie” movement is growing and reaching new heights in all corners of the world. More and more people are embracing the idea of making food and experience – taking note of flavors, textures, … Continue reading

Feature Article: Demographics: Incomes, Genders, Buying Habits, Ethnicities, etc.

Imagine practicing archery blindfolded, or hunting with your eyes closed. Not that easy, if not impossible without seeing your target. The same concept can be applied to your business. Whether you are a business owner or thinking about opening a … Continue reading

Feature Article: From Standard to Specialty: “Boutiquing” Your Business

Whether your patrons are the type to pop in quickly on their lunch break from work, or those who prefer to sit and stay awhile, creating an ambience within your store will send positive vibes to consumers, creating a memorable … Continue reading

Feature Article: Customer Q&A: Hotel Gelato & Fiasco Gelato: Canadian Flavor to Savor

Gelato’s undeniable popularity is international. It’s Europe’s crowned artisanal frozen delicacy, and North America is becoming more and more saturated in the sweet waves of authentic gelato and delightful swirls of soft serve. The magnitude of the dessert’s notoriety has … Continue reading

Feature Article: Speed Up the Slow Times with Mobile Marketing

Sometimes your business is so packed, there are no free tables, you have a long line, cash keeps pouring in and time seems to fly. Unfortunately, there are other times in which nobody seems to come to your establishment, time … Continue reading

Part 4: PreGel America: A Culture of Excellence. A Resume of Success

To Provide exceptional Resources that Encourage unique and inspirinG experiences, Enriching the Lives of our customers and their communities. This is the mission statement of PreGel AMERICA, the U.S. branch of PreGel’s specialty dessert ingredients global empire headquartered in Reggio … Continue reading

Feature Customer Q & A: What the Frog?

There’s a FROG epidemic invading America! Since 2009, the Southeastern region of the United States has been experiencing an explosion in the population of FROGS. That is, location upon location of SweetFrog, a frozen yogurt chain that is growing by … Continue reading

Creating the Future: Dessert Trends of Today and Tomorrow

The world of pastries and desserts is a world of intrigue and craftsmanship. Desserts have been around for ages; and yet, they continue to evolve through time as chefs and dessert makers become more and more creative and daring in … Continue reading

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Feature Customer Q&A: Sweet Selflessness

If anyone ever said gelato couldn’t help cure the ills of the world, then they never met Matthew Holguin, founder of Working to Give, LLC. With a business that is driven by positive purpose rather than making money, Matt utilizes … Continue reading

It’s All in the Presentation

“Buy One Get One,” “Free!” and “For a Limited Time” are all promotional phrases seen everyday. From posters and commercials to emails, they have become part of the general population’s purchasing decisions and experience for years. Promotions are a great … Continue reading

The Sweeter Side of Vegetables

Pushing peas around the dinner plate and sneaking Brussels sprouts to the family pet have both been despairing and time-consuming activities at numerous American dinner tables throughout the years. Such traditional behavior could be due to the average American consumer … Continue reading

Part 2: PreGel America: Your Passion. Our Education.

In 2002, an acorn began to grow in the land of opportunity, when PreGel established its North American headquarters within the southeastern state of North Carolina, USA. Shortly after, PreGel AMERICA’s Professional Training Center (TC), which epitomizes its credo “Your … Continue reading